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Effect of bulk density of reduced iron powder

Determination standard and function of loose packing density

In the powder pressing process, take capacity powder loading method, that is to fill a certain volume of powder to control the density and single weight of the blank, so the requirements of each filled cavity powder has strict requirements of the same quality; Loose density is the mass of powder per unit volume when the powder naturally fills the container, and the unit is g/cm3. The standards for measuring loose density correspond to gb standard GB1478 84 and GB5060-85 respectively. 

What are the factors affecting loose packing density?
Loose density is the density of the natural accumulation of powder, depending on the adhesion between particles relative sliding resistance and the degree of filling powder body void by small particles a) particle size: the smaller the powder size, the smaller the loose density, b) particle shape: complex shape, the smaller the loose density; C) Rough surface: the rougher the powder surface, the smaller the loose packing density; D) Particle size distribution: the ratio of fine powder increases, and the loose packing density decreases

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