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carbonyl iron powder, Introduce carboyl iro powder

Introduce carboyl iro powder

Carboyl iro powder is a high purity iron powder commonly used in the preparation of magnetic materials, magnetic liquids and magnetic rubbers. It has a fine particle size and a highly pure chemical composition, making it excellent in many applications.

carboyl iro powder characteristics

Carboyl iro powder has a uniform particle size and a highly pure iron content, giving it excellent properties when preparing magnetic materials. It also has excellent magnetic properties and thermal stability, suitable for applications in high temperature environments.

carboyl iro powder application areas

Carboyl iro powder is widely used in electronic, medical, automotive and other fields. In the electronics industry, it is often used to prepare electromagnetic shielding materials and magnetic components; In the medical field, it is used as a magnetic drug carrier; In the automotive industry, it is used to prepare magnetic seals, etc.

carboyl iro powder is a versatile material with excellent properties and a wide range of applications. With the continuous development of science and technology, I believe it will show its advantages in more areas.