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Reduced iron powder

  • chemical use
  • chemical use

chemical use

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  • Supply Ability:1000 Ton/Tons per Month Manufacturing reduced iron powder
  • Port:Qingdao or Tianjin port, China
  • Product description: chemical use is the use of solid or gas reducing agent (coke, charcoal, anthracite, water gas, natural gas, decomposition of ammonia, hydrogen, etc.)

Product Description
Chemical use is the use of solid or gas reducing agent (coke, charcoal, anthracite, water gas, natural gas, decomposition of ammonia, hydrogen, etc.) reduction of iron oxides (iron concentrate, rolling scales, etc.) to prepare chemical use. With the reduction of the production of high-quality iron powder, the parameters of the standard, Fe ≥ 98%, carbon ≤ 0.01%, phosphorus and sulfur are less than 0.03%, hydrogen loss of 0.1 to 0.2%.
Welding electrode with chemical use, in the skin by adding 10 ~ 70% iron powder can improve the welding process and significantly improve the welding efficiency. Chemical chemical use, mainly used for chemical catalysts, precious metal reduction, alloy addition, copper replacement and so on. Cutting stainless steel iron powder, cutting steel products, oxygen - acetylene flame in the injection of iron powder, can improve the cutting performance, expand the scope of cutting steel to improve the cutting thickness. Powder metallurgy parts are widely used in aircraft, firearms, motorcycles, family cars, automobiles, agricultural machinery, mining, power tools, machine tools, transportation and other machinery industry.
1.Powder metallurgy sintered parts;
2. Welding electrodes; 
3.Diamond tools; 
4.Chemical reductant;
5.It's a wet sponge copper smelting;
6.Oxygen scavenger; 
7.Warm the baby and so on.

Main Specifications

Fe % ≥
Hydrogen loss%       ≤
Mn %  ≤
Insoluble Matter %  ≤
P %    ≤
Bulk density  g/cm3
Si %   ≤
Fluidity  s/50g≤
C%    ≤
Compressibility  g/cm3
S %    ≤
Particle size
With user request
iron powder As a welding electrode raw material
Metallurgical castings

As a welding electrode raw material, iron powder can be added 10~70% content to the coating improving electrode process and greatly enhance the deposition efficiency.

Can be used as the raw material of reducing agent, widely used in metallurgical reduction industry.

As a raw material of metallurgy products, the reduced iron powder can save costs and reduce losses.

Sponge iron
Warm baby

The raw material of the reduced iron powder is the sponge iron, it has large surface gaps, used as the filter material in water treatment.

Reduced iron powder in the redox process will generate heat, so it is often used as the baby warmer material.

Reduced iron powder has a strong capability on the adsorption of oxygen, so it is often used oxygen scavenger.

chemical use
chemical use
chemical use

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