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Reduced iron powder applied to soil treatment

With the development of the industry, the increasingly serious pollution, high content of heavy metals in soil, carcinogenic substances such as hexavalent chromium, and large amounts of toxic and harmful organic pollutants serious threat to people's health, for the repair of the soil is the significant particularly important due to the iron price is low, nonpoisonous and harmless, for a variety of organic matter degradation performance and remove hexavalent chromium etc; Iron powder is widely used in soil remediation.

In practical application, it is found that the higher the specific surface area of iron powder, the greater the activity, the stronger the adsorption performance, the better the removal effect of pollutants in the soil, the removal time is shorter. The reduced iron powder produced by our company, with strong adsorption performance and superior chemical activity, can play an important role in soil pollution control, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the environment.

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