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High activity Reduced iron powder

The high activity of reduced iron powder is determined by pulverizing technology and powder particle state. 

1, the influence of pulverizing process on activity
Milling process of powder particles crystalline structure plays a major role Generally speaking, powder particles with polycrystalline structure, and grain size depends on the technological characteristics and conditions, for very fine powder may appear single crystal grain powder particles of the complexity of the actual structure is characterized by severe imperfection of crystal, there are many crystal defects, namely distortion inclusion such as gap, etc Therefore, powders are always stored with higher lattice distortion energy and higher activity. 

2, the influence of the surface state of powder particles on the activity
The surface state of reduced iron powder particles is very complex. The finer the powder particles are, the more developed the outer surface is. At the same time, the defects of the powder particles are many, and the inner surface is quite large. The surface of the developed powder stores high surface energy, so the ultrafine powder is easy to spontaneously gather into secondary particles, and it is easy to oxidize and spontaneously combinate in the air. 

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