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Iron carbon micro electrolytic filler

The iron-carbon micro-electrolysis technology is an ideal process for the treatment of high-concentration organic wastewater at present, also known as internal electrolysis method. Under the condition of no electricity, the micro-electrolysis material filled in the wastewater itself produces 1.2V potential difference to carry out electrolysis treatment on the wastewater, so as to achieve the purpose of degrading organic pollutants When the system is connected with water, numerous micro-battery systems will be formed in the equipment, forming an electric field in its action space

The new ecological [H] Fe2 + produced in the process of treatment can have a REDOX reaction with many components in the wastewater, such as the chromatic group or chromatic group that can eliminate the colored substances in the wastewater, essentially broken chain, to achieve degradation and decolorization effect; The generated Fe2 + is further oxidized to Fe3 +, and their hydrate has strong adsorption-flocculation activity, especially the colloid flocculants of ferrous hydroxide and ferric hydroxide are generated after adding alkali to adjust pH value.

Their adsorption capacity is much higher than general agent hydrolysis of iron hydroxide colloid, to a large number of dispersed particles adsorbed water, metal particles and organic macromolecules Its working principle is based on electrochemical oxidation - reduction of physical adsorption and flocculation precipitation work together to deal with wastewater The method has a wide scope of treatment effect is good The cost is low It is easy to operate and maintain, and does not need to consume power resources. The process can be used in the treatment of high concentration wastewater which is difficult to degrade, which can greatly reduce COD and chroma, improve the biodegradability of wastewater, and have a good effect on the removal of ammonia nitrogen.

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