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What is carbonyl iron powder? What is it for ?

Carbonyl iron powder is through CO and iron under high temperature and high pressure reaction, to generate 5 carbonyl iron oil, after low pressure separation to get the product after annealing anti-oxidation treatment can be shipped when the temperature is 200,200bar condition carbonyl synthesis reaction formula is as follows.

Fe+5CO Fe(CO)5
Iron carbonyl is decomposed into Fe and Co at 300,1bar
Fe(CO)5 Fe+5CO

In the decomposition process, because Fe catalyzes the reaction between CO and CO2, NH3 is usually used as a protective gas to inhibit the reaction. As a result, the presence of element N in carbonyl iron powder is inevitable. The products collected from the cyclone collector generally contain about 97% iron, and the content of C and N is less than 1% Due to the existence of Fe2O3,Fe3N and other impurities, at the same time, iron powder shows that it will also have a certain adsorption on CO and NH3 gas. These factors cause the hardness of iron powder is relatively high, which is usually called hard powder.

The iron powder will be reduced with H2 gas for 1 hour, the iron content will increase to about 99.0%, at the same time, the content of other elements will also significantly reduce the reduced carbonyl iron powder, slightly lower hardness, also known as soft powder.

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