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Electrolytic iron powder: a wide range of high-performance materials


Electrolytic iron powder is a kind of iron powder made by different chemical methods and processes. It is a widely used high-performance material with unique physical and chemical properties that make it suitable for a variety of industrial applications.

Manufacturing process

Electrolytic method

Electrolytic iron powder is mainly produced by electrolysis. During electrolysis, the iron anode is dissolved in the electrolyte and iron powder is deposited on the cathode. Electrolytic conditions, such as current density, electrolyte composition, and temperature, can control the size, shape, and purity of iron powder.

Physical characteristics

Particle size and shape

The size and shape of electrolytic iron powder vary depending on the production process. Common particle sizes range from nanometers to hundreds of microns, and shapes range from spherical to irregular.


Electrolytic iron powder has strong magnetic properties, making it suitable for magnetic applications such as core and magnetic separation.

Chemical characteristic


The purity of electrolytic iron powder can reach more than 99.9%, which makes it have excellent chemical stability and corrosion resistance.


Electrolytic iron powder is very sensitive to air and water and is easily oxidized. Proper storage and handling is essential to maintain its performance.


Powder metallurgy

Electrolytic iron powder is an important raw material in the powder metallurgy industry, which is used to produce metal parts, magnetic cores and filter media.

Additive manufacturing

Due to its good fluidity and compressibility, electrolytic iron powder is used as a raw material in additive manufacturing (3D printing).


Electrolytic iron powder can be used as a catalyst in chemical reactions to promote reactions and improve efficiency.

Other applications

Electrolytic iron powder is also used in other applications such as pigments, conductive fillers and magnetic separators.


Electrolytic iron powder is a kind of multifunctional high performance material, which has a wide range of industrial applications. Its unique physical and chemical properties make it ideal for powder metallurgy, additive manufacturing, catalysis, and many other industrial sectors.