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Iron powder is applied to the electrode

Iron powder welding rod refers to adding a certain amount of reduced iron powder for welding rod to the coating in order to improve the welding efficiency of welding rod. Electrodes with a deposition efficiency above 105%. Its characteristic is that a large amount of heat is generated when the iron powder is heated and oxidized, which becomes a supplementary heating source other than the arc, which can improve the operating process performance of the electrode and increase the deposition efficiency. When the amount of iron powder added is less than 30%, the main purpose of adding iron powder is to improve the welding process, such as E5018 type. The addition of iron powder is greater than 30%, and the thickness of the coating is appropriately increased, which can greatly improve the welding efficiency of the electrode. The latter is usually called a high-efficiency iron powder electrode, and its deposition efficiency can reach 160%, and the highest can reach 250%. Iron powder electrodes generally have good process performance and are mainly used for flat welding and fillet welding.

Sulfur is a harmful impurity. As the sulfur content in the electrode increases, the hot cracking tendency of the weld will increase, so the sulfur content in the weld core must not be greater than 0.04%. When welding important structures, the sulfur content must not be greater than 0.03%; the reduced iron powder used for welding rods produced by our factory has been desulfurized many times during the production process, and the sulfur content of the product is 0.015%.

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