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Use and application of reduced iron powder

1. Adding 10~70% of reduced iron powder into the coating can improve the welding process of electrode and significantly increase the efficiency of deposition.

2. Cutting stainless steel iron powder, in cutting steel products, to the oxygen-acetylene flame spray reduced iron powder, can improve the cutting performance, expand the range of cutting steel, improve the cutting thickness.

3. In the industry of powder metallurgy products, 60%~80% of the total amount of reduced iron powder is generally consumed, which is the largest consumption in the field of reduced iron powder use.

4. Chemical reduced iron powder, mainly used for chemical catalyst, precious metal reduction, alloy addition, copper replacement, which is its most essential role.

In addition to the above concentration of some of the most extensive uses, there is our production of reduced iron powder can be used for reducing agent, but also can be used to prevent the deterioration of oil preservative, which is more practical in our daily life some small uses, some practical for you.