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The environmental protection effect of reduced iron powder is good

Reduced iron powder as a kind of industrial iron powder, has its own characteristics and USES In the powder metallurgy industry, reduced iron powder particles and inner hole, irregular shape, specific surface area is big, more used in the low density high strength and thin wall opposite parts of powder metallurgy products, etc., are lubricated bearing CAM indispensable raw materials such as clutch parts.

The production of reduced iron powder is the use of gas or solid fuel (such as ammonia decomposition gas H2 CO solid carbon, or gas and solid combined fuel) as a reducing agent, the iron oxide (such as iron ore fine powder low carbon boiling rolling steel scale, pyrite ferrous sulfate ferrous chloride The process of reducing the ash of oxygen converter steel-making furnace into an iron product with a high degree of metallization in solid state. The total iron content is more than 98.5%, the output of C is less than 0.01%, and the content of P and S is very low. The raw material is mainly ultra-pure magnet fine ore powder and low carbon boiling rolling steel scales 80%-90% of foreign reduced iron powder is produced with super pure iron concentrate powder as raw material.

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