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What is the main use of iron powder for sewage treatment ?

Sewage treatment iron powder (reducing iron powder) is a new type of wastewater treatment raw material, also known as environmental protection iron powder;
At the time of sewage, reduced iron powder will react with impurities in the water, in addition to the material, decoloring, deoiling, dewatering, bacteria, deodorization, algae removal, removal of COD, BOD in water and heavy metal ions etc, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying sewage treatment.
The amount of reducing iron powder used in sewage is very large, and it is also a good environmental protection material.

Sewage treatment iron powder selection:

The reduced iron powder of zero-valent iron has been widely concerned in the application of organic and heavy metal pollution repair due to its larger specific surface area and higher reactivity.
Among other zero-valent iron materials, there are various types of iron carbon sintering, iron carbon complex, raw iron filings, micron iron powder, nano iron powder, etc.
Its particle size and size range from centimeter to nanometer.
For larger iron particles or iron shavings, the iron material is deposited or structured, and the iron material fixed bed is the main reaction device.

The particle size of the reduced iron powder used in sewage treatment is 35 ~ 175 mu m, and the surface area is 0.01 ~ 3m2/g, and the metal iron content is generally 85-90%, and the total iron content is 88-95%.
The reduced iron powder with high content of ferric iron can achieve the same treatment effect with only a small amount of release.
It can also improve the efficiency of sewage treatment.

What is the main use of iron powder for sewage treatment ?What is the main use of iron powder for sewage treatment ?